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Are you struggling with…

Your dog not listening to you?


Your dog nipping your kids as they play?


Your dog pulling on the leash?


Not having a dog you can take with you on family adventures?


Dog training with Fetching PETential leads to…

A Dog You Can Take Anywhere

Start trusting your dog again when out and about with your family.

Your Family’s Perfect Companion

Every family is unique – let’s train your perfect family dog.

A Better Relationship With Your Dog

Learn how to create and build a fulfilling relationship with your family dog.

I believe your dog is part of your family. 



I get it.

You got a dog to grow up with your kids, build memories on family adventures, and snuggle up on the couch with at the end of a long day. I also know what it’s like when that picture perfect companion you imagined instead adds to the household chaos. Or the thought of even trying to walk to the park so your dog and kids can burn off energy makes you want to pour a glass of wine at 2pm. 

You aren’t alone.

Since 2020, I’ve been helping families reign in the disorder and solve their dog’s behavioral problems to create a harmonious household once again. Through both dogs and people building confidence, having fun, and learning how to communicate, you can start living your best life now. Let’s make your dream dog a reality today. 

Here’s what past clients have said about working with Fetching PETential…

“I came to Ashlee with an immediate need: get Milo to stop biting me and my sister as we walked around the apartment. It was so bad that I was concerned I might have to return him to the rescue. We did a few private sessions with Ashlee that were super helpful in understanding how to offer rewards and corrections to Milo for basic commands and I’m happy to say that Milo is nip-free now! Working with Ashlee opened a lot of doors for me and Milo – Milo and I both feel more comfortable in spaces that previously caused anxiety. Working with Ashlee didn’t just set Milo up for success, it also set me up for long-term success on the dog training journey!”


Ashlee went above and beyond to help us get prepared in advance, find ways to introduce our dog to the strange behaviors of kids, and how to keep both her and us calm when things are stressful. Now, a bit over a month in, baby and dog are happy partners in crime, and the adjustment has gone more smoothly than we could have hoped.

We can’t thank Ashlee enough for her help in preparing us and our hound for the adventures ahead. We are so grateful that she took the time to understand our dog’s specific needs and to provide insightful ways for us to be prepared not only at the outset, but also for as our baby grows and our dog has to continue to adapt. We would strongly recommend Ashlee to anyone with a baby on the way, or any other dog training needs.

She is a natural with dogs, and equally important, is a natural at training we humans as well.”

John and Kristen

How It Works

Get a custom training plan

We will create a customized training plan that focuses on your goals, your dog’s needs, and your lifestyle.


Start dog training

From here, we’ll handle the rest and get your pup to be the best dog ever!


Hey dog moms. Listen.

You deserve some peace and control over your household. You got a dog because you wanted to enjoy watching your kids grow up with a four legged friend.

Here’s the thing, though. You also want a dog that you can rely on to listen to you at family gatherings. A dog you can take with you to your favorite Twin Cities patio restaurant knowing he is going to relax at your feet. You want a dog who can come with you and your kids to the park rather than having to stay home – without the worry, embarrassment, or frustration you might feel right now. You want your dog to be able to go on your yearly family camping trip to Afton State Park knowing he isn’t going to act like a lunatic when he sees other dogs or people.

You didn’t get a dog to keep him locked in the house. You got a dog to be the best friend for your kids. To be able to take her anywhere. To enhance your life and watch him blossom while your kids blossom as well.

You got your dog so that at the end of the day, when the kids are asleep and you finally have a moment to yourself, you can sit on the couch with a glass of wine with her cuddling next to you.

This is why I created Fetching PETential. I am a dog and kid mom too and know how busy life gets. Moms have limited time. You need straightforward, actionable dog training that isn’t time-consuming or confusing.

Let’s work together to create your family’s ideal companion.

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