About Ashlee

Certified Dog Trainer

Hello! My name is Ashlee and I am a wife, mom, wine lover, hiker, and dog trainer in Minneapolis, MN. I have loved dogs ever since I was a little girl and discovered my passion for dog behavior and psychology with my first dog, Adam, 5 years ago.

As an engineer by trade, I definitely understand the tenuous balance of family and work and when you add in dogs and young children, there never seems to be enough time.

When I decided to make the transition to dog training full time, it was knowing I wanted to help you – the family who imagines the perfect companion – gain control over your household and create harmonious peace once more. 

I attended and graduated with distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Academy in November 2019 earning my certification for professional dog training. I also received the CPDT-KA certification in March 2021. 

I currently live with my husband, daughter, and two dogs, Adam and Bailey.

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